The Chesapeake Writers

This site is the home of a few writers here the southeastern United States.

We hope you enjoy our work!

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A Few Haiku Poems

Owl Big, bold yellow eyesTalons sharp, curved, and deadlyI want to hug him Avatar I annoy my momTalking about AvatarThe last airbender -Written my mom and stolen by me Plants are found anywhereHot climates and cold ones tooPlants are pretty cool

The Twirl Show

I laid on the stage impatiently waiting for the lights to go black. We had just finished the first dance of the 10am recital, the opening for the Twirl Show put on by preschoolers and kindergarteners, and I really needed to go change. As soon as the lights went out I burst into a runContinue reading “The Twirl Show”

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